Sofa Pillow Combination 1
  • Sofa Pillow Combination 1

    Interesting, unique and just so beautiful. This pillow combination will look amazing on any safa to make your living room feel welcoming and also can look so good on a king size bed.


    Moody with a hint of color and so beautiful and timeless. This pillow combo will look great on a sofa or a bed.


    The Combo includes -

    One 22"x22" Neel (wool) pillow cover recommend using a 24"x24" feather/down insert

    One 19"x19" Daphney (vintage cotton) pillow cover recommend using a 22"x22" feather/down insert

    One 18"x18"  Halo (vintage chinese wedding quilt) pillow cover recommend using a 20"x20" feather/down insert

    One 14"x20" Chloe (woven cotton) pillow cover recommend using an 14"x20" feather/down insert

    One 22"x22" Oprah (woven cotton) pillow cover recommend using a 24"x24" feather/down insert


    All pillow covers have an exposed brass zipper with a linen back.
    All pillow covers made in the USA. Does not include pillow insert.
    Some variation with vintage fabrics and small imperfections that comes with handmade goods is considered acceptable.