• Athena

    Size - 5.6' x 3.8' (66.9" x 46.2")

    Origin - Turkey

    Style - Anatolian 

    Age - Made in 1950s

    Colors - light, medium and dark tones of brown, light grey, hint of peach

    This a rough color story description of the rug from what we see. Color perception varies from eye to eye and changes with light.

    Areas of home where you can use the rug - entryway, bathroom, kitchen


    Material - Wool and Cotton. Painstakingly hand knotted


    About the Rug-

    This is an Anatolian rug. Another name for Turkish rugs. These rugs usually have medallion shaped motifs woven on them. These rugs also represent some aspect of its neighboring Armenian and Greek cultures. Anatolian rugs usually have symmetrical knots and most rugs are made from naturally dyed hand spun wool.


    • Care Instructions

      We ship out rugs that have been professionally cleaned.

      Vacuum on a low setting. Spot clean with a mixture of mild detergent and water.

      Best to clean a stain within 15 minutes of staining.

      Professional cleaning recommended for thorough cleaning.

      Do not dry clean or steam clean your rugs.